by Tetragrammaton

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I. To Suffer in the Way of I Eternal emptiness housing the body of God, Enshrined beneath stillborn suns, Decomposition is the only truth, All shall return to dust, The burning sensation of sanguine fluid infused with ash surges, Pain and pleasure are numbed at the threshold, The body of stone is eviscerated, Melancholy permeates and shatters the mask, Extinguish hope as the sun rises, To beget is to die at last, I wish to be buried within you, From thy gut I carve my tomb. II. Tides in Coalesce A blackened mirror, Eyes refracting glory of the sun, Drown me within thy caress, An ivory tower ascending past the heavens, Vessels of bone and spirit become one at Kether, The cloaked perfection, In a veil of silver, To thee I heed; Royal keeper of the chalice, Carve upon my flesh thy divinity, The brilliance of thy form drains my veins, The eternal embrace, Thy canvas awakened, Drown me within thy caress, Glory and greatness are now unto I, Our former flesh circling, Celestial cogs turning, Infinite ripples in thy touch.
III. Filth Goddess Grotesque absolute, Thy breath stagnant, Purifying, Absolving, Eater of sin, Beheld by dying light, The abortion ov creation, O, glorious ruin, Lips quenched in vile, Temple of desecration, The putrid cavity which remains of thee is suspended in a static dissonance, Thy wretched ribs resonate with a grandiose corruption, Blessed abandon, I tear thy wings, A complete deconstruction of thy matter, From which the torn fabric of dimension, I am at union with putrescence, Of the greatest carrion, I am embellished, The vultures begin to circle, And from the dust that was once thee, I inherit thy essence, An ember burning into vastness, The fading self reforms, Coagulating blood births flesh, Misery and infinite flow from the wrist. IV. Altar As conjured from within the realm of Nuit.
V. The Body of Light Goddess of flame, Babalon, Whisper unto me thy embrace, Upon thy left hand, The serpent anointed, Adornment of flesh, Take siege upon my bones, As the eternal spiral pierces the sky, Thee shall weave our grave amidst the stars, A crucifixion of former cognizance, The purity of essence bathed in our blood, Union of breath, the absolute clarity, The hidden God is now dawning, I am truth and thee are one with I, (I) invoke thee; bornless child, Of cosmic purpose and will, Amen. VI. Algol: The Wheel O! Holy truth, Encase me in thy radiance, A shower of burning sulfur, Cleanses my skin, Cleanses my soul, Amidst searing flesh, I see all, Glory; Celestial frame of grey embrace, Procession of thy will, (In waning pulses, the dying stars which embellish thee sing) To the glistening incandescence of bleak, Worship; To inscribe upon sacred god flesh, An oscillating disenchantment, Gather before the body of I, Corporeal vessel of desire, Sever the limb, Cut away from the soul, The circles of duality.


released August 5, 2014


all rights reserved


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